Black History Superhero Drawing Contest Winner!

Our contest winner is Rosalinda Johnson! Rosalinda is a 15 year old, Mexican and African American student who currently attends School of The Arts as a Visual Arts major. The character Rosalinda drew is called Black Lighting. He’s an African American superhero that helps to make the world a better place. Black Lightening superhero has electrical telekinetic superpowers, and stands with the African American community, showing that we have power and we also are a part of this world. Please join us in congratulating Rosalinda Johnson!


E.R.A.S.E believes that in order to take an active anti-racist stand for ourselves and our neighbors of color, we must be committed to recognizing, exposing, and dismantling systemic injustice in our town government, our schools, our police force, businesses, organizations, churches, and our own neighborhoods. 


Following the murder of George Floyd, much of the nation’s attention focused on racial injustice and the systemic issues that allow inequality to continue. The fight to end racism and seek equity continues with a goal of bringing about systemic change so that future generations can live in a world without prejudice.

E.R.A.S.E. seeks to provide those passionate about racial justice an opportunity to be involved by joining our Task Force teams which focus on Community, Business, Education and Policy within the Town of Irondequoit. If you’d like to be considered, please complete an application for review. To help elevate our voices, neighbors of Color are highly encouraged to apply.

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